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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an artifact, literally, a "thing," is worth a thousand pictures.  To be able to touch an object that belongs to the past takes us back in time like nothing else can.  Our collection of artifacts is unusual and very eclectic.  From pieces of the old De Anza High School to signs from the Adachi Nursery, we have something for everyone. The pieces shown here are just an example of our collection.  In time we hope to have our entire collection represented here, adding images as the collection grows. 

Philippi_1-3-11 004.jpg
Native American Artifacts

El Sobrante is home to an important Native American site located along San Pablo Creek.  Excavated in 1950 by a professor from UC Berkeley, it was, at that time, determined that the site had been occupied for at least 200o years.  On land belonging to the Phillippi family, who had collected stone objects over the years, we were gifted with some of these artifacts when the last family member left the old homestead.

School Artifacts

We were lucky to be able to go through the old De Anza High School before it was demolished in 2013.  The items displayed here are, for the most part, from De Anza High.  

Old DA sign which was located at school entrance
DA 002.jpg

These clocks were everywhere in the school, and all told exactly the same time.  Generally referred to as "slave clocks", they advanced each minute with a loud click, responding to a 24-volt impulse sent out from a central device located in the main school office. 

Artifacts 003.gif

Left:  An electric typewriter from the school library.

Right:  Water fountain which was located just outside the main school office. 

Artifacts 001.gif

School pennants, belonging to Kenyon Chan, who attended all of these El Sobrante Schools.


More things.  Just click on an image for an expanded view and explanatory text. 

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