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If, after taking the quiz, you would like to learn more about El Sobrante, you can subscribe to receive our quarterly newsletters (form located at bottom of our Home Page), read our previously published newsletters here, or purchase our book "El Sobrante" available at any bookstore, or online. If you choose to purchase through Amazon, please use Amazon Smile, then select El Sobrante Historical Society as your favorite charitable organization, and a portion of the sales will be sent to the El Sobrante Historical Society. Thank you for your support!

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Here's one you may find pleasantly challenging. There is a total of 35 puzzle pieces. Drag them until they click and lock into place. The completed puzzle is a photo of the History Center. There are also helpful icons/settings at bottom left to assist you. Can you solve it in less than 5 minutes?

Let us know if you can beat the clock. Ready, Set, Go!

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