Current Display, Mechanics Bank, El Sobrante

Exhibit:  Best Little Town by a Dam Site

Left: Clementina Diaz;   Right: Steven James

With the ongoing remodeling of the library building, the display at the Mechanics Bank is the only exhibit we have posted in public at the present time.  If you have not seen it, please take a moment and have a look; it compresses 150 years of history into a easy-to-follow wall display.


History Center Opening Soon!

The Nancy Fahden House is now completely renovated and we are moving in. We plan to open to the public early next year!     Stay tuned.

26th annual El Sobrante Stroll, Sunday September 15, 2019

Another Stroll, come and gone

These De Anza girls livened up the late morning during the parade.  

The dancing horses are always a treat. 

El Sobrante has always been a town of horse lovers, and this proud horsewoman recalls the days of the Mexican ranchos.  

Manning the booth at the Stroll.  From left:  Steve James, Treasurer, Emil Munkres, board member, Clementina Diaz, volunteer (and wife of VP Donald Bastin), and Lyle Miller, Secretary.  Also present was Roxy Miraválle, whose knowledge of local history was called upon many times to answer questions from passers-by.

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