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Current Display, Mechanics Bank, El Sobrante

Exhibit:  Best Little Town by a Dam Site

Mechanics exhibit.jpg
Left: Clementina Diaz;   Right: Steven James

With the ongoing remodeling of the library building, the display at the Mechanics Bank is the only exhibit we have posted in public at the present time.  If you have not seen it, please take a moment and have a look; it compresses 150 years of history into a easy-to-follow wall display.



          2023 El Sobrante Stroll!
Sunday, September 17. Our town's annual
party. We will be there. 


Video clips from the El Sobrante Stroll  captured by Steven James

Note: Videos are from our Facebook Page

El Sobrante Stroll still a horse town. September 18 at 5:13 PM

Uptown Funk at the stroll. September 18 at 5:59 PM

Stroll Parade Best Extinct Mammal Award Winner. 
September 18 at 7:40 PM

Our first Stroll, since the pandemic hit: Sunday, September 18, 2022. It was cold, windy and rainy!  But people showed up as usual, the parade went on as scheduled, and everyone had a good, soggy time!

And for all you custom car fans, there will also be a Car Show at the Stroll.

Grand Opening.png


 The El Sobrante Library opened to the public (25% capacity) on April 26, 2021.

We opened to the public a few weeks later on May 8.

We have been open ever since, every Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm

The Nancy Fahden House is now completely renovated and occupied by the Friends of the Library, and the El Sobrante Historical Society.

Opening Ceremony, Rancho Line Markers

We met at 11 am on Saturday, January 26 to unveil and celebrate the installation of two interpretive exhibits showcasing the exact boundaries of the San Pablo and El Sobrante Ranchos, based on research carried on by our late President, Maurice Abraham. We gathered on the south side of San Pablo Dam Road, a block or so west of the intersection with Clark Road.  After the ceremony, our new History Center was opened for those attending interested in viewing the progress we have made. 


L-R: Marci Abraham, Maury's daughter; Glenna Nash, Maury's sister; and Jean Grant, Maury's wife.

L-R: Steven James; Donald Bastin; Lyle Miller; Emil Munkres

El Sobrante Library Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We are excited about the return of the El Sobrante Library which opened before a huge crowd with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 23, 2019. A devastating fire in February 2018 had prompted officials to shutter it. The damage from the fire, smoke, water and mold made it difficult and expensive to salvage any of the old library, so the building has been completely remodeled, modernized and improved. The full story can be found in our Winter 2020 Newsletter.

El Sobrante Library Ribbon Cutting Cerem

The new and improved El Sobrante Library

New El Sobrante Library

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. From left: Donald Bastin, Acting President, ESHS; District 1 Supervisor, John Gioia; Deputy County Librarian, Gail McPartland; County Librarian Melinda Cervantes; President, Friends of El Sobrante Library, Martha Booz. [Photo courtesy of Contra Costa Library Facebook Page]

Also, the El Sobrante History Center-Museum was opened to allow visitors a quick tour and catch a glimpse of the interior. At the entrance was a display table with a fraction of the artifacts that will be at the center once it is officially opened. The official name of the building is the Nancy Fahden House. 


26th annual El Sobrante Stroll

Sunday September 15, 2019

Another Stroll, come and gone

These De Anza girls livened up the late morning during the parade.  


The dancing horses are always a treat. 

El Sobrante has always been a town of horse lovers, and this proud horsewoman recalls the days of the Mexican ranchos.  


Manning the booth at the Stroll.  From left:  Steve James, Treasurer, Emil Munkres, board member, Clementina Diaz, volunteer (and wife of VP Donald Bastin), and Lyle Miller, Secretary.  Also present was Roxy Miraválle, whose knowledge of local history was called upon many times to answer questions from passers-by.

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