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Maps and Documents

We have maps dating from the late 19th century to well into the 20th century, providing valuable information about land ownership, boundaries, and the general trajectory of growth in our community.  Our document collection includes newspapers, yearbooks, studies, meeting minutes and notes, and ephemera such as letters, brochures, and even menus.  As with our other collections, it is our intention to provide access to all of our collections on-line, as time and resources permit. 

ES Fire Protection District Map 1950.jpg
ESRanchoMap 010.jpg

This map, dated 1909, is the "Final Report" on the status of the El Sobrante land grant.  It has been donated to the Society by local businessman, Richard Oliver.  Stabilized and in a protected display, it now hangs proudly in our History Center, as the centerpiece of our collection.

Historic Documents 

Just glide your cursor over the PDF Icon of the document you wish to read and click on it.

These studies offer an insight into the problems facing the El Sobrante community as it considered the possibility of incorporating.

A brief history of the development of the El Sobrante library, one of the most important institutions in our community.

The historical background of the San Pablo Reservoir.

A detailed map of the
El Sobrante Rancho, dated 1894

In October, 1967, State Senator George Miller Jr. gave a speech at the newly-opened Kennedy Grove.  This is the speech.

El Sobrante Map of Business Listings, 1950

Selected Articles From our Newsletter

These well-researched articles, all written by members of our Society, now form part of the documented history of our community.  To the researcher, please feel free to cite these documents in your own work, giving credit, of course, to the source.  More articles will be added as time goes by.

El Sobrante’s Canyon Park Neighborhood – The “Flat-Top” Smith Legacy

Revealing the boundary lines of  Rancho El Sobrante/San Pablo Rancho

Nike Missiles...

Our Cold War Heritage

Those Perplexing City Boundaries

El Sobrante’s Foster’s Freeze – A Family Affair

El Sobrante Valley's ALMOST Freeway

The El Sobrante Heritage Tree

More documents.  Just click on an image and view an expanded version, with explanatory text. 

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