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Who We Are

The El Sobrante Historical Society is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit organization dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of artifacts, images, and information about the community of El Sobrante, and the dissemination of that knowledge through presentation on this website, an electronic newsletter, exhibits, and other means.  Currently, we have a five-member board of directors. 

Unfortunately, our past president, Maurice 'Maury' Abraham passed away on September 20, 2019 after a long battle with a serious illness. It is our board’s opinion that Maury’s memory should be honored because of his passion and his devotion to the preservation of our community, and so we have named one of the rooms at our History Center after him. The featured story of our Fall 2019 newsletter is dedicated to and about Maury. 

President, Newsletter Editor: Donald Bastin, 

Graduated De Anza High School 1961.  MA, History.  Currently retired.

Vice-President, Webmaster: Roxanne Miraválle, 

Grew up in San Pablo.  Life-long Bay Area resident.  Currently retired. 

Treasurer: Steve James, Graduated De Anza High School 1966.  Currently retired.

Secretary: Lyle Miller, Owner-operator, El Sobrante Wheel & Brake.  

Director: Emil Munkres,

"Rancho San Pablo" native. Graduated De Anza High School, 1981.  

Contact Us:
(If you have trouble with the link, just e-mail us at:

New ESHS board.png

L-R: The late Maurice Abraham; Supervisor John Gioia; Steve James; Donald Bastin; Lyle Miller; Roxanne Miraválle (not pictured: Emil Munkres)

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